Didier Occident

Northwestern Mutual

Top 200 Firm Owner

“Ironworks has been a tremendous help for my practice.  Heidi and Jana have been awesome with giving me clarity on slowing down and taking stock of where my business is, where it’s going, and how to maximize the strength of my staff and myself to get us all pulling in one direction.  They’ve been an absolute joy to work with.  I would highly recommend them, as they have transformed and gotten me to a place of peace that I have been searching for a very long time.”

Erik Gomez

EG Wealth Management

Firm Owner

“The work that Jana and Ironworks has done has been nothing but spectacular and I can honestly say this is the best coaching/consulting relationship I’ve been in during my decade and a half with Northwestern Mutual. They continue to exceed my expectations which often times are extremely high and honestly am not that easily impressed. They do what they say they are going to do, the follow through in impeccable fashion and I’m extremely thankful I have come across them at the I’m in with my practice. They’re doing things not only from a workflow standpoint, but in a clean up and utilization of CRM that I’ve only dreamed possible. I’ve worked with others that were supposed to do similar things but have fallen extremely short of even what they promise, let alone my expectations. If you were thinking about building out your team, workflows and wanting to run this business like a business, in my humble opinion there’s absolutely no one better to help your firm do that, and Ironworks should be the only place you look to accomplish this kind of work.”

Mark Kull

Northwestern Mutual

Forum Advisor

“I would say that Ironworks is exactly what most high producing teams need and don’t even know. The time they took to understand our team members as individuals and how they pieces fit together was superb. As an advisor we often end up “having to” be a leader, HR, and anything else that come to mind. Ironworks makes that whole part so much smoother and less daunting. I really look forward to the time we spend together and with the team. I have a feeling we will never not be working with them.”

Michael Baker

Volk and Associates

Director of Investments

“Ironworks has been a key resource for our team by poking holes where they needed to be poked, and helping us think about and create solutions for doing things better and more efficiently. They would bring great ideas to the table, but instead of giving us all the answers, they empowered us to think and implement on our own. They help us communicate better as a team, and guides tough conversations that come with the ups and downs of the business, which has allowed leaders to emerge on the team and strengthened the advisor’s skills as the overall firm leader. Heidi took Craig’s vision and helped us plan the ideal team structure to support it, making sure everyone was in the right roles that best suited their unique ability. They keep us all accountable which makes everyone better, and also ensures we stay on track with our production goals. Heidi has helped me to become more confident in my role, which has led to deeper relationships with our clients, and has been a great sounding board that I trust and can confide in when I need an objective listening ear.

Bethany Rohde

Northwestern Mutual

Director of Operations for Seleskie Financial

“Our team has been utilizing Clientwise, Strategic Coach, and a few other coaching resources for years.  What we needed was someone who is able to fully understand our team, our growth aspirations, and NM systems and software.  What is different about Ironworks from other coaching resources we use is that they have actually been in our shoes and fully understand the complexities and challenges we face.  They have been a partner and advocate for us assisting in everything from cleaning up and creating client segmentation in CRM, to organizing a time system with ideal calendars, to helping develop multiple team members in their individual roles.  They bring a wealth of practice management experience to our team and are able to dive in and help us implement.”

Brandon Luke

Pioneer Financial

Lead Advisor

“I believe that one of Heidi’s many strengths is her powerful communication style.  She listens closely and speaks clearly, directly, and with strength – complimented by a calm and empathic tone.  I think this is a rare combination that allows her to be particularly effective in an industry full of dynamic but disorganized teams and leaders. 

Heidi commands authority and is able to lead conversations without dominating them.  She asks specific clarifying questions that help both her and those she is speaking with gain a deeper understanding of the issues at play, and the steps necessary to resolve them.  I’d recommend Heidi to any team who is looking to work with a consultant that they can fully trust and who will help them take meaningful steps toward accomplishing their goals. ”