We are passionate about improving the lives of others through the unique gifts we have. The Ironworks Team is actively engaged in organizations that help people rebuild their life, provide safety and support, and serving those less fortunate.  

We believe that keeping “white space” in your calendar will help you realize the freedom and fulfillment that comes from serving others.


In addition to the current pro-bono work for the organization, Heidi is an active supporter of GVCM in Haiti through the sponsorship of two amazing boys, Mikenson and Jomy, whom she met on her trip there in December of 2015. The work GVCM is doing to bring light into the darkness of Haiti is an inspiration, and the perspective their work provides will fill you with humility and gratitude.
The mission of this organization “to break the generational cycle of abuse by equipping and empowering women” is close to Heidi’s heart. Not the typical short-term shelter, TDP provides longer term housing for women and children escaping violent situations. Heidi has seen first hand how the love and education provided is transforming the lives of not just women, but their children. Heidi participates in special projects and volunteer opportunities as they arise.
Heidi serves on the Executive Board for Birdies4Brains alongside founder, friend and client Brian Eder. After years of knowing Brian and his family personally and professionally, it is easy to catch his passion for raising money for victims of brain injuries. The grassroots efforts of this organization and the vision of what is possible is inspiring.
Leukemia and lymphoma society

Jana serves on the Executive Leadership Team for Indiana’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man and Woman of the Year campaign. After her grandfather passed away from complication from lymphoma, Jana joined the cause when her sister ran for Woman of the Year in 2019. She continues to support the nominated candidates annually.