"Simply said, Heidi has been absolutely instrumental in taking my business to the next level. This ultimately has allowed us to impact more clients on their path to financial security. Heidi is hands down the most qualified and professional consultant I have ever worked with. She is a true credit to any business that has the foresight to hire her."

"Heidi has helped my team and I not only impact the way that we approach our business, but also the way that we approach our time. She implemented systems and trackers for us that allowed us to perform at our optimal level. We have each team member’s role defined and our communication has gone up significantly. Heidi took the 1:1 time with each of us to get to know our “why” and then build a plan to help us grow. We have achieved a work/life balance from our work with Heidi and have hit Forum every year since she got involved. Forum is the new standard and we are excited to see what new heights we can reach as build off of the core systems that Heidi built."

"Heidi was not only the best coach I have ever worked with but also became a great friend along the way. She helped with systems, organization, and processes and helped with the efficiencies that make our business great. My team and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and are better for it. Lives, New Clients, Premium, GDC…every metric we use to track success increased largely because of her. Best investment I have made."

I would say that Heidi is exactly what most high producing teams need and don’t even know. The time she took to understand our team members as individuals and how they pieces fit together was superb. As an advisor we often end up “having to” be a leader, HR, and anything else that come to mind. Heidi makes that whole part so much smoother and less daunting. I really look forward to the time we spend together and with the team. I have a feeling we will never not be working with her.

“Heidi has had an impact on helping me run my organization and take it from a team of two towards an enterprise way of thinking, and most importantly, helping me to work less, make more, and only do the aspects of this role that I enjoy....not bad things.”


“Heidi has helped me tremendously to think bigger, refine my staffing model and integrate some valuable tools to streamline our operation. She’s intuitive, great to work with, and really bright. Best of all, She understands our business inside and out.”

“After six years of working together, Heidi has never lost her passion for process simplicity and growth of our business. Heidi is unique in her relentless pursuit of a relationship with my team so that she can help create a culture of accountability. We have benefited from her diversified perspective, willingness to have tough conversations, and her ability to listen with an empathetic ear. Heidi has been, and continues to be, a true asset to our business!”

"Heidi Hoium is amazing.  She has been my coach since 2013 and I owe a lot to her.  Her extensive knowledge of financial planning, Northwestern Mutual, how to manage people, and how to run a financial planning practice – it’s invaluable.  She has helped my team streamline processes, communicate better, and keep each other happy and accountable.  She helps the whole team stay focused on the right things to drive up revenue and grow in all the ways each team member wants.  Her coaching has led directly to increased efficiencies, higher production, better processes, and happier people.  What more could you want out of a coach?!"

"Heidi's guidance and support has been essential to my development as an Associate. She provides structure, lays the groundwork to achieve your goals, and simplifies the operations of a successful financial practice. She keeps everybody accountable and most importantly, facilitates a positive team dynamic. Heidi is wonderful to work with and a great mentor."

"Working for Heritage Planning Partners, one of Northwestern Mutual’s Multi Leader Ensembles, I frequently have the privilege of connecting with other large teams, and Heidi’s name always comes up in the conversation. If it isn’t to give her credit for an idea, process, or template, it’s to recommend her services. Without her help in 2016 when Ben, Mike and Adam merged their three solo practices, workflow would have been chaotic. Without her guidance in 2017, having accepted the role of Director of Operations and new to the industry, I would have been utterly lost. This year, it’s been a true pleasure working with Heidi to create an efficient Performance Management Schedule, a tool crucial to elevate our firm beyond expectations.  And most importantly, she’s always got a smile on her face and positive energy making it fun to get to work!"

"Heidi was key in building the systems and putting them in place for my financial planning business.  She helped my team and I break down our processes and bring clarity to the areas we needed to focus on.  She helped us to become clear in our goals, and showed us exactly what we needed to do to get there. Heidi is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her."


"[Ironworks] has allowed us to impact more clients on their path to financial security"

"Heidi is hands down the most qualified and professional consultant I have ever worked with."

"[Heidi] understands our business inside and out.”

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