Levi Wolters spent the last 10 years as a COO, growing an advisory firm at Northwestern Mutual – starting at 18.5M and skyrocketing to over $400M AUM in just the past six years. During that time, Levi worked with the firm to add two partners, two lead advisors, five team members, and together they navigated three mergers and acquisitions.

Levi is a firm believer in the crucial role of a COO, and his philosophy is the COO should serve as the Yang to the firm leaders’ Yin. Levi understands that operational excellence isn’t just about plugging any capable person into a role; it’s about forging a symbiotic partnership between operational leadership and executive visionaries.

Levi resides in Little Rock with wife and two children. He loves to play golf and follow his favorite sports teams – you’ll see them prominently displayed in his Zoom background!